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Food List 2010

Who needs resolutions for personal betterment? Let’s just eat.

Well, I didn’t get quite through the list this year … but I tried some new things! Things I was scared of, things I wanted to do, things that got me started and made me realize I wanted to keep going. Here’s to 2010, and to 2011!

  1. Eat burrata cheese
  2. Eat from the Kogi truck
  3. Find a way to prepare radishes that I like
  4. Make fresh butternut squash ravioli
  5. Make homemade bread myself
  6. Make my Gram’s cheesecake
  7. Make a fresh fennel salad
  8. Make a meal entirely from the Claremont Farmers’ Market
  9. Drink my family’s port
  10. Make an interesting ice cream (e.g. black pepper vanilla, sea salt caramel, etc.)
  11. Eat baguette and cheese in Paris
  12. Can something
  13. Fry cheese curds
  14. Make a whole meal from the Bon Appetit meal guides
  15. Make s’mores over a real fire in the backyard or camping (done, but not documented)
  16. Roast tomatoes grown in our own yard (done, but not documented)
  17. Make pesto from basil grown in our yard
  18. Make butternut squash soup (not documented)
  19. Make pork ribs
  20. Infuse alcohol
  21. Host a fancy cocktail party
  22. Make 10 new cocktails: (1) basil gimlet(2) rose gin rickey(3) cognac stinger
  23. Make food from 5 different countries/regions: (1) Soba noodles and veggies (not documented), (2) Swedish meatballs
  24. Make a fancy chicken dish from Mastering the Art of French Cooking (but not documented)
  25. Make a souffle
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