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Weekend Links, Feb. 3


Fruit bowl yesterday morning.

We’re diverging from our normal bourbon and rye choices to find something new and delicious, and this list of good budget ryes is super helpful.

I find the ever-evolving news on a new Farm Bill is consistently overwhelming, but I do know for sure that this is bad.

And in other frustrating food policy news, newly released documents show that the FDA figured out years ago that antibiotics in meat are harmful to humans.

What it’s like to be a cook for an Antarctic research station.

A handy reminder of what types of onions to use for what types of preparations.

I’m always trying to wrap my mind around what type of olive oil to buy, and this hits some of the points that make me concerned. (And it’s pretty cute.) (Thanks, Lori, for sending me this!)

This “20 things I learned from traveling around the world” looks pretty similar to what mine would be, if I ever wrote one. (Most of which boil down to: 1. You and your country/culture/experience/life are not the center of the universe, and 2. travel is likely the hardest thing you’ll ever do, but it’s not that hard to make it happen. Really.)

Ugh. Just ugh. Just. Ugh. 

Meal plan this week:

  • Wild rice pilaf with roasted sweet potatoes and sage, topped with poached eggs
  • Thawed bolognese and pasta
  • Gratin of white beans, rigatoni, pesto, and ricotta. (Which reminds me that I really need to update my ricotta post to reflect the way I’m making it these days.)
  • Tater tot hotdish from scratch (aside from the tater tots) to match with Fargo movie night on Thursday
  • Breakfasts: granola, not sure what else
  • Lunches: wild rice soup, leftovers, going out
  • Desserts: peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies (recipe hopefully posted this week), ricotta-orange cake (testing a new recipe that I’m pretty excited about)
  • We also bought a few grapefruits at the store today and I’m pretty excited about making salty dogs.
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