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Weekend Links, March 31


Blossoms, Pomona Organic Farm

Sorry for the relative radio silence these past two weeks. A wonderful week in SoCal full of sun and friends and incredible meals lead to a very hectic week after, and we’re still playing a bit of catch-up. But I’m scrambling to get back in the game. Here are some links to get your week off to a good start:

Butter is not the problem.

Why do we equate vanilla with plain?

Gin, Aperol, cucumber – I’m in.

What’s up with the weird-fitting label on Angostura bitters? This and more in a behind-the-scenes factory tour. (Also – has anyone out there tried their rum?)

A super-handy Whiskey Glossary (for all those times you need to know the difference between Canadian and Irish whiskeys on a moment’s notice).

The search for a good coffee grinder. (Just don’t ask me what we use because I’m too embarrassed to tell you.)

Edible maps of the world.

Inside Rick Bayless’ Mexican Culinary Research Library.

This week’s meal plan:

  • Chinese dumplings with pork and Napa cabbage (using leftover filling from a few weeks back)
  • Coconut dal and curried pea fritatta
  • Oven-roasted pork chops, braised red cabbage, spätzle
  • Maple-laquered pork belly, wild rice, and salad
  • Lunches: kale salad with wild rice, scallions, cilantro, edamame, carrots, and sesame seeds, with a rice vinegar-sesame oil vinaigrette
  • Breakfasts: overnight oats, bran muffins and yogurt
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