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Spring cocktail: Frühling’s 19

We’ve been in Vienna for over a week now, the longest we’ve been anywhere since we left Claremont last July. Being here for five weeks has meant an entirely different rhythm of travel, one that feels a lot more comfortable as we’ve gotten more and more exhausted over the last ten months. We keep saying that it’s 50% normal travel – venturing out into the city to see and do things – and 50% normal life – grocery shopping and cooking, slow mornings and early nights, and lots of time at our computers catching up on work and life and getting things done.

On our second night here we cooked dinner for ourselves, made a cocktail, and watched a DVD on the television in our apartment’s living room. It really set in, then, that we’d get to have a fairly domestic little experience while we’re here.

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Go-to cocktail: Sparkling wine with bitter orange

Let’s talk about sparkling wine with Aperol. Let’s talk about how pretty it is, when it’s warm outside and there’s a lawn chair in the middle of the backyard. Or when it’s on a table at a fancy restaurant on a tiny side street in Vienna, when you’re celebrating two years of marriage with your love.



While we were in Germany and Austria, we couldn’t walk into or by a restaurant or cafe without seeing about 1,000 bottles of Campari or Aperol lining the shelves behind the bar.  These bitter orange liqueurs are not nearly as common here in the United States, but almost every menu we saw had a sizable selection of simple cocktails with one or the other – as straight-forward as Campari and soda up to four- and five-ingredient cocktails.

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