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Thai iced tea cupcakes with condensed milk buttercream

These cupcakes easy to make, and a little confusing to eat. (In a very, very, very good way.)


See, they taste exactly like Thai iced tea – you know, the delicious kind you order at Thai restaurants to calm down fiery curries and noodles packed with chili. (The one you inevitably end up drinking most of before your food even arrives …) You’d swear you were drinking a big glass of creamy, sweet, orange-colored Thai iced tea – but it’s a cupcake.  Read more

Saffron-cardamom birthday cake with rosewater buttercream

It’s no secret that I like to make food for other people (perhaps even more than I like to make it for myself), and something I’ve enjoyed most recently is putting together items at custom request. Someone dreams up something particular – maybe a little off the beaten path – and I test and experiment and tweak to put it together.


A “glitter Persian cake” was requested, and a glitter Persian cake was received.
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Vegan chocolate cake with fluffy “buttercream” frosting and a surprise

Like a huge number of 20-something foodies around the country, I used to be vegetarian. For 10 years, which is a pretty sizable period of time. Now, don’t let that lead you to believe I actually ate as a vegetarian should – there were far more microwaved Morningstar Farms vegetarian chicken nuggets in my high school diet than I’d ever like to admit – but all those meat-free years definitely changed my perspective on what makes up a meal and what ingredients are necessary for a given recipe or dish. I still try to minimize my meat consumption and am often far more attracted to the vegetarian options on a menu (though I have to say – it feels liberating to be able to walk into a restaurant and pick almost anything on the menu, after spending 10 years choosing between two or maybe three options at most places). Read more