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Vietnamese lamb and green bean stir-fry


The markets around here are pretty astonishing, these days. I’m amazed at what new bounty there is each week, and how quickly things come in and out of season, and how frantic I sometimes feel about taking full advantage of everything while it’s around. When we lived in Southern California it always felt like I had plenty of time to get my fill of various items – but here, seasonality is accelerated. February doesn’t seem that far away in either direction, and it’s astonishing how different the produce landscape is now compared to the other side of the year. So each time, I leave the market barely able to carry my load, and we spend a few days puzzle-piecing together menus to use it all up. Read more

Date night braised lamb shanks

Brett and I have a weekly date night, and when those words come out of my mouth/fingertips it makes me feel a little bit more cheesy and settled than I already do, but let me tell you – I love date night. We alternate planning date nights, which can be as simple as dinner at the Italian place down the street or as complex as an entire day-long itinerary of activities, and we commit to spending the time purely on ourselves and on spending time together – no thoughts of work, no doing errands, no paying bills, no email and no phone calls.  We often end up going places or doing things we wouldn’t otherwise. Two weeks ago, we went roller skating. Last week, we took a pizza to the drive-in movie theater nearby for a double feature. We’ve also taken food up into the mountains to watch the sunset, woken up at 5 a.m. to drink hot chocolate and see the sunrise at Skyspace, and spent a day exploring LA on public transit.  It’s a great way to get to know our area and to experience the important things, considering we know we won’t live in Southern California forever. Read more