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Happy New Year! Finishing the List with one last go-to cocktail

Goodbye 2011!

Hello new year, new adventures, new friends, new foods, new experiences.

I’m ready to say goodbye to the last year – a good year, indeed.  Full of laughter and excitement and travel and love. Crammed with delicious, meaningful nourishment of all kinds. And now here’s a new year starting with new projects, new work, new friends, new plans.


We ended the year with a night full of friends and laughter. And French 75s.  Read more

Nearing the end – Food List catchup + go-to cocktail

Early tomorrow morning we’re headed to Oregon for what is sure to be a lovely week of family, of friends, and of relaxing. I’m looking forward to many good meals, plenty of good wine and beer, lots of time with loved ones, lazy mornings with books and magazines, and enjoying some good old-fashioned Pacific Northwest rain.

I have some work to do as well – you’ll notice there’s a few outstanding items on the list, with only one week to go.  A good friend noted this morning that if I posted a graph of list item completion, you’d see an incredible increase over the last few months, and that is certainly the case.  It was hard to see the urgency in mid-February, but I’ve certainly felt it over the last few weeks.


Photo credit: Tawny Mata

As I’ve got plenty of packing left to do before I leave to teach tonight, let’s get right to the update, including one particularly important go-to cocktail: Read more

Red rice, green rice (here we go!)

Um, scratch that.

I just wrote a big, long, involved post about chocolate cake. But then I realized that it’s December 12, which leaves me exactly exactly 19 days to finish that list over there to the right. Let me just say that in the last three weeks I have been home to cook dinner exactly four times. Four times. Not an excuse, but just to say that things have been a bit frantic around here lately.  My last day at Pomona is Friday. Brett’s last day of graduate school is Friday. I started teaching solo (meaning I finished training) last week. Christmas and all of its travel-causing, gift-giving, craft-heavy glory is in less than two weeks. Let’s ponder that.

And then let’s get a move on.

After this, you’re up to date. Chocolate cake, two rices, two new books, three new cocktails. What’s left needs to happen in the next 19 days. Okay. Okay.

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Thanksgiving recap, go-to Manhattan recipe

Here’s a story about growing up:

1. Girl goes to college.

2. Girl meets boy.

3. Girl marries boy.

4. Wife and husband host their first Thanksgiving, with lovely other girl and boy guests.

5. Wife and husband eat Thanksgiving leftovers and drink Manhattans.

6. Wife and husband live happily ever after. Until the leftovers run out and they realize they can’t drink Manhattans every day.


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Sprinkles and whole milk make almost everything better

You can learn a lot about yourself through spending time in the kitchen.

Are you a patient person? Are you a detail-oriented person? How do you like to learn? Do you like detailed directions, or a basic idea to work with? Are you willing to put hours of time into something that may not work in the end? How well can you deal with failure? When you bake a cake that immediately crumbles upon taking it out of the pan and a frosting that gloops like thin glue, are you a person who throws it away and instead finishes that two-week-old In-and-Out strawberry shake in your freezer, or do you stick with it and eat it anyway?  Maybe with some sprinkles?  And a White Russian?


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