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Weekend links, Feb. 13


Table’s all set for last night’s Indian-themed dinner party.

It’s roasted chicken season! Don’t let this scare you – get comfortable so you can always pull a roast chicken out of your back pocket. (Not literally.)  Ruth Reichl lays out the basics.

My lovely and super-talented friend Rachel just coordinated an event for New York Fashion Week. See her behind-the-scenes scoop!

Speaking of food to pull out of your back pocket – The Kitchn is compiling a list of recipes to know by heart. My list of stuff to memorize looks something like this: chocolate chip cookies, brownies, roast chicken, basic vinaigrette, granola, buttermilk scones, focaccia, pizza dough, risotto. I’m about a quarter-way there!  Any other suggestions?

I’m in the process of designing my new business cards and am a little overwhelmed when I look at how many awesome ones there are out there in the world.

I’m going to go with an emphatic “pop” on this one. Sometimes I actually am Midwestern.

A look at how one family plans a week of meals. We’re good at this sometimes, other times not so much.  Maybe once our schedule settles a bit we’ll get into a new routine.

One follow-up to last week’s links: this week I made my go-to granola with coconut oil instead of olive oil. Verdict: amazingly delicious, but super rich. I find it best in smaller quantities as a snack (rather than in a big bowl for breakfast), or mixed with other cereal (Trader Joe’s bran cereal is a winner!). Perfect for granola gifts, which I always make a tad bit sweeter or richer.

Have a great week! I’ve got a super busy and hectic one ahead of me, but it includes lots of things to look forward to: Valentine’s Day, charcuterie week in cooking class, finishing our croissants in baking class, a milk steaming/latte art class at Intelligentsia, teaching three of my favorite classes, doing my favorite lecture in a class at Pomona, happy hour with one of my favorite ladies, and a visit from an old friend … so I think I’ll make it through.

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  1. How did you know I’d been casting about for The Last Word on roast chicken? So excited to become more expert in this vital (to me, anyway) skill.

    And LATTE ART CLASS?!?!? Must. Share.

    February 13, 2012
  2.! Brett got it for me for Christmas. I’m super excited.

    February 14, 2012

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