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Weekend links, April 23


Saturday afternoon at LACMA’s fantastic exhibit about Mexican and American female Surrealists. 

Donut muffins, and now donut cake?! Yes, please!

TheKitchn put out some really great baking posts this week, including an overview of vanilla extract vs. beans vs. paste (the last is my personal favorite, just FYI) and a guide to metal vs. glass vs. ceramic vs. silicon pans.

Also a round up of some generally awesome cooking tips (like how to super quickly peel garlic and ginger and hard-boiled eggs).

Strawberries are absolutely amazing right now, and here are some tips on how to handle them at home. (Also, I have a strawberry-heavy recipe coming later this week! It may or may not involve tequila …)

I will definitely be turning over-the-edge or super cheap wine into tasty wine jelly.

Brett and I were just talking about how we’re going to build ourselves a nice big picnic table … really glad I saw this brilliant idea before we actually do it!

Eater’s guide to the best pastry shops in LA, via Deena. (There go my weekends …)

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  1. That garlic trick was amazing! I’m also going to try that lemon/hard-boiled egg tip ASAP.

    April 23, 2012

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