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Bowen Appétit Travel Posts

It’s impossible for me to think about travel without thinking about food. Certainly part of it is the drive to try new and exotic things, the desire to seek out the authentic, and, most simply, an appetite for delicious things. But it’s more than that, really – it’s that experiencing a place through its food seems to tap into the heart of that place. Food is a universal experience, and not just because we all need to eat to survive. Food is more than just what we eat for nourishment and more than our enjoyment of how it tastes, smells, and looks; it’s also a cultural, emotional, and artistic expression of a place can make us a part of something in a piece of the world that that is utterly unfamiliar.

I’m lucky to have been able to travel to some spectacular parts of the world. I haven’t written about it all here, but here’s what you can find on this site:



North America

South America


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