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Artichoke-olive spread
Beet-feta bruschetta
Grilled tomato bruschetta

Cornmeal Parmesan crackers
Fiery, triple crunchy guacamole
Homemade crema (or créme fraîche)
Homemade ricotta
Homemade Toby’s tofu paté
Marinated goat cheese
Roasted chickpeas
Spicy, smoky watermelon and prosciutto bites with goat cheese, and mint
White bean hummus crostini with arugula and balsamic vinegar

Foundation recipes

Baked eggs


Main-dish salads (aka “kitchen sink salads”)

Main Dishes

Baked eggs
Basic risotto

Best-ever basic lentils
Boiled kale (on toasts with fried egg)
Braised lamb shanks
Braised tuna pot roast with capers and tomatoes
Campsite beans and rice
Chicken piccata
Chili beans with shredded greens
Chipotle chilaquiles
Eggs poached in smoky tomato sauce
Frittata with smoked salmon, fresh corn, and herbed goat cheese
Garam masala pan-roasted salmon
Garlic zucchini rotini
Grilled sandwiches with ramp pesto, fresh mozzarella, and prosciutto
Lemon-coconut salmon and asparagus grain bowls with pink rice
Lentils with feta, caramelized fennel, mushrooms, and tomatoes
Okra, corn, and chili “fork stew”
Pasta carbonara
Pasta handkerchiefs with garlic broccolini and ricotta
Pasta with cauliflower, parsley, capers, and lemon
Polenta with vegetables/meat/sauce, eggs, and garnishes
Pumpkin seed mole (pipián verde)
Pupusas (and curtido)
Risotto with caramelized onions, mushrooms, and crispy bacon
Roasted mushrooms with chorizo and onions
Roasted mushrooms, chorizo, and sweet potatoes with chipotle quinoa
Roasted wild mushroom pizza
Roasted pork tenderloin, brined and spice-rubbed
Red pepper and olive pasta
Sausages baked with lentils and bacon
Slow-cooked chicken with tomatillos, potatoes, jalapenos, and fresh herbs

Spaghetti with broccoli rabe, garlic, and red pepper
Spicy black bean burgers
Spinach risotto with nutmeg and lemon
Spring vegetable ricotta tart with whole wheat olive oil crust
Squid linguine with chili and lemon
Tex Mex-style ground beef (homemade taco seasoning)
Trail sesame peanut noodles
Turkey sloppy joes
Turkey Swedish meatballs
Vietnamese braised eggplant
Vietnamese lamb and green bean stir-fry
Wild rice and Puy lentil bowl with roasted squash, za’atar, and tahini

Vegetables and Sides

Arroz verde (savory rice with herbs and green onions)
Braised cabbage with onions and carrots
Brussels sprouts gratin with whole-grain mustard and caramelized onions
Butternut-tahini spread
Caramelized fennel, two ways
Caramelized onions
Coconut basmati rice
Fresh corn caprese with nectarines
Goat cheese souffle
Greens and white bean gratin
Grilled fingerlings with ramps, bacon, and Dijon vinaigrette
Grilled potato salad with olives and anchovy-caper vinaigrette
Grilled radicchio with fresh mozzarella and garlic vinaigrette
Okra, corn, and chili “fork stew”
Raw zucchini salad

Red rice with bacon
Ridiculously good roasted broccoli
Roasted brussels sprouts

Roasted sunchokes with pumpkin seeds, pickled red onion, and shaved Parmesan
Sauteed peppers with anchovies and black olives
Simple Mexican beans
Simple potato salad dressed with gribiche
Spätzle (w. ricotta)
Spätzle (wo. ricotta, more traditional) with ramps, mushrooms, and lemon
Sweet potato gratin w. Thai chilies, pepitas, and cilantro
Tequila-braised corn
White wine pilaf
Wild rice vegetable pilaf

Sauces, condiments, and extras

Bacon mayonnaise
Brett’s salsa
Brown sugar applesauce with bourbon and vanilla
Butternut-tahini spread
Caramelized onions
Garam masala spice mix
Garlic-herb yogurt salad dressing/sauce
Homemade ricotta
Lemon-coconut sauce
Pickled red onions
Ramp pesto
Roasted tomatillo salsa
Sweet and spicy caramelized pumpkin seeds


BLT bread salad
Bowen Appétit basic vinaigrette

Crunchy peanut cole slaw
Easy main-dish salads (aka “kitchen sink salads”)
Grilled corn and poblano salad
Grilled potato salad with olives and anchovy-caper vinaigrette
Orange/avocado/olive salad

Pearl couscous Greek salad
Roasted beet and carrot salad with avocado and pepitas
Simple potato salad dressed with gribiche
Snap pea, radish, and fresh mozzarella salad
Warm French lentil salad
Wild rice edamame salad

Soups and Stews

African chicken soup
Blended gazpacho
Creamy parsnip soup with crispy prosciutto
Tortilla soup
Sauerkraut and sausage stew with dumplings
West Coast wild rice soup


Baked eggs
Baked oatmeal with persimmons, toasted coconut, and vanilla

Buttermilk blueberry muffins
Caramelized apple Dutch baby pancake
Chili egg souffle (“chili egg puff”)
Chocolate coconut muffins with coconut flour (gluten-free)
Dutch Baby
Honeyed olive oil granola
Huevos rancheros (ranchero sauce)
Pumpkin pie granola
Raised waffles (with buckwheat option)
Spiced donut muffins
Sweet potato-sausage-apple hash w. poached egg + crispy sage
Sweet potato muffins (for babies or adults)
Whole wheat banana bread with brown butter
Whole wheat buttermilk lemon muffins
Whole wheat and rye muffins
Zucchini muffins


Brioche hamburger buns
Koulouri-Cypriot village bread (seeded white bread)
‘Nduja focaccia rolls
Soft pretzel buns

Cookies and Bars

Big, chewy snickerdoodles
Butter cookies
Chewy chocolate brownies
Chewy oatmeal cookies with maple sugar and drizzled icing
Citrus-coconut tartlets with cream cheese pastry
Chewy granola bars
Coconut macaroons
Cream wafers, filled two ways: peppermint chocolate and vanilla orange blossom
Ginger molasses cookies, two recipes
Ginger oat shorties
Gram’s chocolate chip cookies
Gram’s oatmeal raisin cookies
Lime cornmeal cookies
Madeleines with orange zest
New England squares
Peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies
Vanilla-cardamom cookies
Vegan chocolate chip cookies
Vegan chocolate peanut butter cookies
Whole wheat shortbread sandwich cookies
Whole wheat trail mix cookies

Pies, Tarts, and Cakes

Basic fruit pie guide
Basic pie crust

Almost flourless chocolate cake
Apple rum cake (with optional thyme and rosemary)
Banana cream pie with (slightly) salted caramel and ganache
Blueberry yogurt coffee cake
Brown sugar apple crisp with rum-soaked currants
Buttermilk anything cake
Caramel Dutch apple pie
Cheesecake with sour cream topping (and optional homemade whole wheat graham cracker crust)
Citrus galette with blood oranges, kumquats, and mint
Fruit galette
Gingerbread cake with caramelized pear topping
Holiday spice cake with orange-vanilla sugared cranberries
Mohnkuchen (Austrian poppy seed cake)
Peach upside-down cornmeal skillet cake
Persian birthday cake – saffron-cardamom yellow cake with rosewater buttercream
Polenta olive oil cake with fruit and créme fraîche whipped cream
Sour cream chocolate bundt cake with fudge glaze
Strawberry cake
Strawberry pie
Summer peach and strawberry galette
Thai iced tea cupcakes with condensed milk buttercream
Vegan avocado chocolate cake with fluffy vanilla “buttercream” frosting

Frozen Desserts

Bourbon ice cream
Caramelized banana malts
Mocha sherbet

Orange-cardamom ice cream

Vietnamese coffee ice cream
Watermelon sorbet with rose, mint, and gin

Other Desserts

Blood orange curd
Cajeta (Mexican goat’s milk caramel)
Caramelized pears with rum and brown sugar

Chocolate pudding

Coffee caramel sauce

Mixed berry curd with vanilla
Pastry cream
(Slightly) salted caramel sauce


Components: Café de olla syrup (piloncillo, orange, and spices)Cardamom simple syrupLemon simple syrup | Herb citrus syrup | Spiced simple syrup

Apple-ginger bourbon cocktail
The apple picker
Basil gimlet
Bitter bee (w. Top Note Tonic)
Blackberry fizz
Blood orange rosemary fizz
Caramelized eggnog with dark rum
Cardamom old fashioned
Cherry bourbon fizz
Cranberry liqueur
Cuba libre or Nica libre (rum and coke)
Cucumber rose gimlet
Cucumber-mint agua fresca
French 75
Front porch lemonade (with bourbon, ginger, and mint)
Frühling’s 19 (with gin, Aperol, and lemon)
Gin gin mules
Gin or vodka tonic
Grapefruit margarita spritz
Herbed citrus radler/shandy
Honey gimlet
Honey Meyer lemon whiskey sour
Horchata (non-alcoholic)
Hot cocoa with rum and orange, single-serving
Kumquat-mint daquiri
Leslie’s Americano
Martini, Close-style
Mexican sangria
Mountain julep (camp cocktail)
Nitro cold brew café de olla
A new paloma
Old fashioned
Olive oil cocktails – The Oliveto (with gin, lemon, olive oil, egg white)
Rhubarb liqueur
Rose gin rickey
Salty dog (or greyhound)
Sparkling wine with bitter orange
Strawberry basil margarita
Whiskey sour
White Russian/Cuban
Wilderness first responder (camp cocktail)
Woman about town (w. Top Note Tonic)

Baker’s Snacks

A bit of bread and chocolate
Hard-boiled egg with garlic-chili sauce
Salt and pepper chips with cottage cheese

Camp and trail cooking

Camp cocktails: Wilderness first responder | Mountain julep
Main dishes: Campsite beans and rice | Trail sesame peanut noodles

Feeding babies

Sweet potato muffins (for babies and adults)

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